18 Times Kids Gave the Funniest Answers at School

Kids are seriously the best. I love their honesty, intelligence, boldness, and their (often unintended) humor.

I was a substitute teacher at an elementary school for several years, and as hard a job as it was, those kids had me laughing every single day.

I would’ve loved to have seen the look on some of these teachers’ faces when the following assignments landed on their desk!

#1 Ella seems like a very self-aware child! Either that, or Ella’s mom helped her with her homework LOL…
#2 The drawing of the man made me laugh out loud. Ms. King may not have a man, but look how happy she looks!!!
#3 Rumor has it a 6-year-old wrote this. Somebody tell Frankie he’s got a few more years before he can actually be called a freeloader LOL…
#4 The most honest book review ever! I mean, the kid’s not wrong…
#5 Even heroes are scared sometimes…
#6 I love it when kids take things so literally…he technically did what he was asked to do!
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#7 This kid is going to make a good husband someday! Pretty wise for someone so young…
#8 Solid advice right here…
#9 Oh, to be so young that 40 seems ancient…I would’ve loved to have seen these kid’s answers imagining what life would be like at 70!
#10 This kid will go far…I love how the teacher awarded 2 bonus points for cleverness!
#11 An introvert after my own heart…I would turn the phone off too!
#12 This honest little kid is DONE with the multiplication tables LOL…
#13 Love this kid’s confidence in his answer…
#14 I mean, they’re technically not wrong…
#15 Not sure what kind of places this kid is going, but places…
#16 I mean, #3 is technically true!
#17 LOL…
#18 This kid has it ALL planned out. Wait for me, Emma!! I’m coming with you!!
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