My Book!

As a little girl who ALWAYS had her nose in a book, I dreamed of one day becoming a writer. Regrettably, I did not start writing until three years ago, when I was 47 years old and started I Might Be Funny. And thanks to all of your support, last year I was approached by an amazing publisher for a special project…to create a journal for moms and their young daughters.

Here’s how the book works: The journal is filled with questions, some funny, some thought-provoking. Moms and daughters fill out their own answers, and pass the journal back and forth. Once complete, it becomes a treasured keepsake of that time.

I received my first copy from the publisher in the mail last week. The book is beautifully illustrated (fortunately, not by me, NOBODY would want a book illustrated by me), with quality paper, and just feels, like, heavy and fancy, and gift-worthy.

I so wish this is something I did with my mom when I was a kid, and I’m so excited to share it with my 12-year-old now.

For those of you without a young daughter, it would make a great gift for a granddaughter, niece, or friend.

This is the link to order, I would be so honored if you would check it out!

All About Mom and Me: A Journal for Mothers and Daughters