5 Hilarious Video Clips on Married Life from The Leighton Show

So…I resisted getting on TikTok for the longest time, but a few months ago I caved and decided to see what all the hoopla was about. And yes, there’s a lot of silly stuff on there, as with any social media platform. But there are also some legitimately funny accounts that absolutely crack me up.

And The Leighton Show is definitely one of them. This husband and dad creates deadpan, relatable marriage and parenting videos with different series like, “Things I’ve Apologized To My Wife For”, “Inspirational Texts From My Teenage Daughter” and his latest one, “Family Vacation Apologies”.

I think his marriage ones are the funniest, and I’ve picked my favorites to share with you here…hope they bring you some laughs!

#1 Every single woman can relate to the drawer thing…

Hoping my wiife will come out with her version soon. #couple #marriage #humor #sorry Inspired by @santiandmikay

♬ original sound – The Leighton Show
#2 “Limping too loudly” LOL…

I might be taking my life in my hands here. IB @The Gonzalez #marriage #husband

♬ original sound – The Leighton Show
#3 Why DO men sneeze so loud??

Can you believe I’m giving this advice away for free?? #marriagehumor #dadsoftiktok

♬ original sound – The Leighton Show
#4 The cardboard boxes at the garage door cracked me up because I literally did that today…
#5 Husbands everywhere should take heed of #1…

Sending this post to my husband as we speak!

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