25 Hilarious Quips That Perfectly Sum Up Life in a Small Town

I grew up on Long Island, New York and in Orange County, California…no small town living for me. But I’d watch movies or TV shows set in small towns and it all just seemed so charming and appealing.

Ten years ago, my husband and I packed up our suburban lives and our three kids, and we moved to a small town in the Pacific Northwest, where we did not know a soul.

I absolutely love living here, where on any given walk you’ll pass by Little Free Library Stands, neighborhood farm stands, and deer crossing your path.

It’s just big enough so that you don’t know everyone, but small enough to feel a real sense of community.

A while back, I posted a tweet about small town life and the comments were just gold. So I decided to make a whole post about it and here it is! Thank you to everyone who gave me permission to post your comments here, I appreciate it!


#1 LOL…
#2 Guess small towns never forget!
#3 Talk about customer service LOL!
#4 Where everybody knows your name…and apparently, your address as well!
#5 No formal identification needed…
#6 Yikes!
#7 Ha ha ha…
#8 A town with no secrets, I guess!
#9 If it were illegal, a lot of people would be in trouble!
#10 The actual fashion police…
#11 Wow!
#12 I posted this one a while back and I was amazed at how many people had a graduating class of less than 10 people!
#13 Just like I can tell which family member is coming down the stairs!
#14 Small town scandal…
#15 Guess everyone is a little famous in a small town…
#16 Can’t say I know anyone who brought a tractor to school!
#17 Truth!
#18 Sounds nice, actually…
#19 What did Dennis DO???
#20 That’s exactly how I describe the island I live on…
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