15 Times Funny and Clever Parents Outwitted Their Kids

Let’s face it, whether you’re the parents of babies, toddlers, teens, or young adults, parenting ain’t easy. These moms and dads generously shared their little parenting hacks – some humorous, some actually very clever.

If you have a parenting tip or some useful advice that worked well for your own kids, feel free to share in the comments of this post on Facebook. Perhaps someone could really use your words of wisdom right about now. It’s me. I’m someone. 😂

#1 Ha! Is it too late to convince my kids that I hate the sound of the washer and dryer? I’d love to see a couple of loads get done every time someone gets mad at me!
#2 Definitely peak parenting right here…
#3 Wish I had read this one when my kids were little!
#4 I spent many a night as a kid staying up late reading books under my covers…
#5 Cruel, but effective nonetheless LOL!
#6 What do you think? Does this count??
#7 This is true…
#8 Gotta love moms supporting moms…
#9 You know how spicy those milkshakes can be LOL…
#10 Easter morning hack!
#11 I was such a bookworm when I was a kid – if my parents had done this I would’ve been so rich!
#12 Smart mama…
#13 Does this work on teenagers too??
#14 Good one!
#15 Be right back. Gotta go change our WiFi password to TAKETHEDOGFORAWALK!

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