15 Fun Optical Illusions That Will Boggle Your Mind

The mind sure works in mysterious ways! I searched through dozens of optical illusions for this post and my brain has not yet recovered LOL.

I’m not exactly sure about the science behind how each of these illusions work, but it sure does make you appreciate the complexity of the human brain.

Have fun with these, and let me know your favorite!


#1 What’s the first thing you see?

On #1, I actually saw the man first and had to look again to see the dog. I wonder which one is most common to see first?

#2 How is this girl IN the path LOL?? I literally could NOT figure this one out! I tried and tried, but had to look up the answer as to what in the world was happening here…(hint below photo!)

If you can’t see it, the girl’s right elbow is resting on a concrete wall that she is standing next to. The wall and the ground are the same color, making it appear like she is in the ground…so crazy.

#3 How did they do that??
#4 This viral photo completely divided the internet, with thousands of folks arguing the direction of the cat…

To me it looks like the cat is climbing up the stairs. I skimmed through a few articles on this one and unfortunately, couldn’t find a clear answer! I guess people will be debating this one forever. Only the cat knows the truth!

#5 Guess I need a vacation because I definitely see a beach!
#6 Do you see an old woman or a young woman? This classic illusion is from way back in the 1800’s. Studies have claimed that whichever figure you see actually relates to your age: that older people will see the old woman and younger people will see the young woman. I can see both, but I did see the older woman first.

If you need a little help, the older woman is of her profile and her chin is pointed. The younger woman is looking away and her neck is the older woman’s chin.

#7 All of the dots are the same color! Seems impossible to believe…I guess that’s why it’s called an “illusion”.
#8 This is “Rubin’s vase” and is sometimes referred to as “The Two Face, One Vase Illusion”. Do you see the two faces or the vase?
Wikimedia Commons
#9 People are so talented…
#10 First I couldn’t see the popcorn, now I can’t unsee the popcorn!
#11 Ha ha ha…
#12 Thousands of people at a concert? Nope! Just a shag rug under a coffee table…
#13 This cracked me up!
#14 So cool…
#15 Designer Scott Jarvie creates optical illusion rugs that make it look like a giant hole has appeared in your floor!
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