“The Fridge Situation”

No, this is not a college dorm room. This is my kitchen.
You see, our fridge very rudely decided to die on us recently. We ordered parts and watched YouTube tutorials to try and fix it, but no luck. I live on a rural island, and appliance repair people around these parts are like unicorns…it would be cool to meet one, but it’s probably never gonna happen! 
So we ordered a new refrigerator, and they gave us a delivery day and time slot. We waited and waited, but they never showed…never even CALLED to say they weren’t coming.
I phoned the company, and after screaming, “CUSTOMER SERVICE!” AND “REPRESENTATIVE!” and “HUMAN!” (and a few other words I won’t print here) into the phone like a maniac, I then had to wait 65 minutes on hold to actually speak with somebody.
They said they couldn’t come out until the following Monday. Well, Monday rolls around and we wait again. And AGAIN, they don’t show up OR call. Unbelievable. And the hold time is over an hour again.  In a fit of anger, I canceled the order.
By this time it was getting close to Labor Day, which everybody knows is one of the best times to buy an appliance. And I’m a girl who loves a bargain. There is no WAY I’m paying full price for a refrigerator that I know will likely be hundreds of dollars off in just another week or so.
Hence, our little mini fridge. And between you and me, there are some advantages to this situation…
Me to my family:
“I can’t really cook because we have no place to store leftovers, because, you know, the fridge situation.”
“You guys should just have cereal for dinner, because, you know, the fridge situation.”
“We should go out to eat, because, you know, the fridge situation.”
“I can’t really do a big grocery shopping, because, you know, the fridge situation.”
It’s like my own little mini vacation over here. 😂😂😂
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