18 Funny and Relatable Memes About Winter to Brighten Up Your Day

I just read an article where they surveyed Americans about their favorite season. Fall was the overwhelming winner, with 41% of the vote. Only 11% of people said winter was their season of choice.

And although it’s not “technically” winter yet, it’s cold and it’s dark and fall already feels like a distant memory.

I spent my childhood in New York, and I have fond memories of fun-filled snow days. Fun-filled because I was a child and didn’t have to drive in the snow or shovel anything LOL.

After moving to Southern California during high school, I spent the next 25 years in hot, sunny weather, which may sound great in theory, but in reality, the monotony of it was actually pretty boring.

The lack of seasons was one of the reasons we left California 10 years ago for the Pacific Northwest, which has a great blend of seasons. Not too hot, not too cold!

I’ve rounded up some funny winter memes so grab a hot coffee or hot cocoa and enjoy!

#1 I would like to re-subscribe to Fall, please…
#2 LOL…
#3 Truth! I see all the teenage boys at our bus stop wearing shorts when it’s 35 degrees at 8:00am. And I’m driving by with my jacket, hat, gloves, and heated seats and I’m still cold!
#4 I guess that’s one way to look at the glass half-full!
#5 Accurate…
FB/Wives Night In
#6 Aww, I feel the same way little buddy!

#7 The perfect outfit…
#8 Yes! So cozy LOL…
#9 Think he’ll take the hint?
FB/The Chronicles of Motherhood
#10 So true…
#11 May the odds be ever in your favor…
#12 That’s not the way it works, kiddo…
#13 Every year we see this on the news, right??
#14 Why do kids never get cold??
#15 We lived in Southern California when my kids were little, so for us it was 47 minutes to get them all sunscreened LOL…
#16 I think just about anything is a valid excuse not to leave the house!
#17 Right?? So true…
#18 Don’t do it buddy…remember Frosty??
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