A Mother Like No Other

Me, FaceTiming my mom: “Mom…the first copy of my book came in the mail today! I want to read you the dedication: This book is dedicated to my mother…for putting up with me during those angsty teenage years, for being my lifelong cheerleader, and for setting an example of everything a good mom should be.”

Yes, she cried. And yes, I am now officially her favorite child, which really was the whole point of it all.

My mother has always been supportive. And to be honest, it drove me crazy when I was a kid. She was everywhere…on every field trip, volunteering in every classroom, cheering the loudest at every game or school performance. There was no escape from my mother.

But folks, her support of my book is a whole new level. Every single day I get a new phone call:

MONDAY: “Janene! I have an idea of how you can sell more books. Doesn’t Oprah have a book club? Let’s try and get it on there.”

Me:OMG. MOM! Oprah is NOT going to put my book in her book club. It’s a journal…not War and Peace!”

Her: “Well, still. We won’t know unless we try.”

TUESDAY: “Janene! I’m VERY upset with Amazon. I was looking at your book on there and they PUT ANOTHER JOURNAL RIGHT NEXT TO IT! And they made the other journal $1 cheaper! It’s just not right.”

Me: “Ok, maybe call Jeff Bezos and complain to him. Let me know what happens.”

WEDNESDAY: “Janene! I ordered a photobook from Facebook and they packaged it SO nice. It’s extra protected so you can’t accidentally rip the book. I hope your publisher is packaging your books like that. You should tell them.”

Me: “Mom, thank you, my publisher is not packaging the books. Amazon or Target or Barnes and Noble are packaging my book and I have zero control over it.”

THURSDAY: “Janene! Why is your book more expensive on Instagram??”

Me: “What are you talking about? Instagram does not sell my book.”

Her: “Well, I swiped up and it’s $1 cheaper than what I paid for it!”

Me: “Mom, when you swipe up it takes you to Amazon. And Amazon controls the pricing, it could change literally every hour.”

Her: “Well, it’s not right. I’m going to send them a note.”

FRIDAY: “Janene! Did you see my email? My tennis friend’s cousin’s daughter in Florida bought your book. You should send her a thank you.”

I swear, this woman is a marketing machine. My publisher should seriously hire her.

There was a reason I dedicated my very first book to my mom…because as crazy as she drives me, the woman would slay dragons for me and my siblings. If you mess with one of us, you mess with her, and trust me, you do NOT want to mess with her. 

My mother is an unstoppable force of nature. Sometimes she’s a hurricane, and sometimes she’s exactly the ray of sunshine we need…but always, she’s in our corner. And for that, I am so grateful.

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