12 Clever Hacks To Make Your Life a Little Easier

I’m fairly new to TikTok – but my teenagers are not. A few weeks ago, my daughter was in the kitchen putting away a loaf of bread. Instead of using that plastic bread clip (you know, the one that always breaks) she did this crazy spin and fold thing and put the bread back in the pantry.

“What was THAT?” I asked her.

“A TikTok life hack” she replied. “You don’t need clips or twist ties anymore.”

Friends, I was skeptical of this method. I insisted it would not keep the bread as fresh as a clip or tie would. Turns out I was wrong. The bread stayed completely fresh, as did bagels and English muffins.

Inspired by this cool little hack, I decided to seek out some more handy life hacks on TikTok (and there are about a million!)

I’ve rounded up some of the best ones to share with you here…hope you learn something new!

#1 Umm, I did not know any of these…did you?
#2 I’ll have to remember this one at Christmastime!
#3 So simple and kids will love this!
#4 Is there anything baking soda can’t do??
#5 People are so clever…we’ve all been in this situation at one time or another!
#6 I hate that white tendon…gonna have to try this next time I make chicken!
#7 I love hard boiled eggs and these tips are super helpful!
#8 Already added biscuits to my shopping list…yummy!!
#9 More things I didn’t know…
#10 This will come in handy come summertime!
#11 My 13-year-old daughter found this hack on TikTok and showed it to me. I was skeptical at first but now our entire family seals bread, bagels, etc. this way…no more lost twist ties!
#12 “HOW TO CHOP ONIONS WITHOUT CRYING” Ok, I included this one as a bonus simply because it made me laugh, but not sure I’m gonna be wearing a pot lid anytime soon LOL!!

Hope you learned a thing or two here that will make your life a little easier!