This 5-year-old’s Priceless Reaction to Becoming a Big Brother is the Sweetest Thing You’ll See Today

Oh, my heart. ❤ I cannot love this video enough…I’ve watched it an embarrassing number of times and it makes me smile every time.

I’ve also made every single member of my family watch it, because I’m annoying like that LOL.

Hey, I can’t help it, I live with teenagers and I miss conversations with cute little 5-year-olds!

Anyway, back to the video…Sarah Bromby of North Lincolnshire, England, shared the adorable reaction of her 5-year-old son Ethan when she tells him he’s going to be a big brother.

Ethan just cannot believe his good fortune, and in an adorable British accent, repeatedly questions his mum, “Is it really in there? Are you really having a baby?” and then in pure burst of excitement shouts, “I’m gonna be a new big brother!”

He then immediately and generously offers for the baby to sleep in his bed.

After thinking about this news a little further, Ethan ponders, “Who made that?” and “Why did you make that?” as his mother seems to skillfully avoid where this line of questioning is heading LOL!

Every baby should have a big brother like Ethan to welcome them into this world.

Kids are just the best. Watch the video here:

I mean, how cute was that?? I’ve literally sent this to everyone I know LOL.

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