5 Priceless Viral Videos of Dads Having a Blast With Their Kids

If you asked my children who their most “fun” parent is, the award would almost certainly go to my husband, who is by far the sillier of the two of us. I am sometimes funny, but silly is not my style. Now, if there was an award for sarcastic comments, that trophy would go to me!

I remember our family was on a walk once and we ended up down by the water. Which isn’t too unusual when you live on an island.

As the kids (and the dog) approached the freezing cold sound, my husband and I, AT THE EXACT SAME MOMENT yelled:

Me: “Do NOT get wet!! It’s cold and it’s late and you still have to walk two miles back!”

Him: “Five bucks to the first person who jumps in all the way!”

And suddenly there were three wet children LOL.

But seriously, shoutout to the dads who always bring the fun when mom is too busy being practical. 🙂

#1 This is genius!

Funnest Dad Award 🥇Hopefully we can take them to the real @disneyparks soon! #bestdad#parentsoftiktok #parenthood#dadwins#fundad#childhood

♬ Up Beat (Married Life) – Kenyi
#2 How cute are these two?? I could watch that baby’s smile all day!
#3 Brilliant! We had so many Amazon boxes delivered during quarantine I think we could’ve made a slide 5 miles long!
#4 See what I mean about dads bringing the fun? I would have simply picked up the pacifier. This guy goes all “Mission Impossible” LOL…
#5 Those giggles say it all! He just better clean up that tub afterwards LOL!

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