18 People Confess Their Funniest Awkward Moments

We’ve all been there, having a moment so awkward you want to crawl into the nearest hole.

I’ve rounded up 16 tweets from people confessing some very awkward, but very funny situations.

Hope these bring you some laughs!


#1 Noooooo…
#2 I’ve done stuff like this too many times to count LOL…
#3 Maybe he’s the Absent Minded Professor LOL…
#4 Ouch!!
#5 Just a wee bit embarrassing…
#6 Oops…
#7 Ha ha ha…
#8 I would love to see the look on the other girl’s face!!
#9 Oops!
#10 At least she’ll never see them again!
#11 I hope she gave him some ice cream anyway…
#12 This cracked me up because it’s SO TRUE – there just is no way to look cool walking back to your seat…
#13 This is amazing…
#14 Gotta love kids!
#15 I’d go to Italy, but yeah…
#16 OMG…
#17 Oops!
#18 “Not you dear” LOL…
#19 Ok, yeah, that is pretty awkward!
And finally, one of my own awkward moments…

I was walking out of the grocery store, headed toward my car in the parking lot. I got to my car and pulled on the door to open it, but it was locked.

“Weird”, I thought, because I didn’t remember locking my car. I clicked the button on my key to open the door – and I heard the doors unlock.

Pulled on the door again. Still locked. So I click my keys again. And again I hear the doors unlock.

But I STILL can’t get in. So I’m standing there clicking and yanking on the door handle, totally baffled, when I feel someone near me.

I turn around and it’s an older couple, just staring at me. Because I’m trying valiantly to break into THEIR car.

Which is identical to MY car, parked right next to it. 😳😳😳

I sputtered an apology and hurried around to my car, which was now ACTUALLY locked from me clicking the stupid button so many times. 😂

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