Dad Writes Hilarious Note to the Kids Who Toilet Papered His House

Ahh, the old “TPing a house” prank. It’s been around for generations, in fact, it’s thought that toilet paper was first used as a verb (“TPing”) sometime in the 1950’s.

Now most people tend to get a little angry when they come home or wake up to toilet paper being strung all over their house and yard. But not homeowner Jason Hartanov, from San Clemente, California.

When Jason discovered his house had been toilet papered, he responded by posting the following note on his Facebook page:

To the kids who TP’d my house for the second time in a week….


— I love your drive and resilience
— I love you’re off your phones and in nature
— I love your never say quit attitude
— I love you’re doing adventures instead of watching adventures
— I love that you desire to improve
— I love your generosity in sharing expensive toilet paper
— I love the commitment to excellence
— I love that you put down TikTok for a few hours
— I love you targeted us when it was raining (well played)
— I love you didn’t leave full TP rolls lying around (nice use of resources)


— Your execution continues to be poor
— You continue to not follow directions (you were supposed to ask for help)
— You are lacking leadership (who was in charge?)
— You stopped before the job was finished (never stop)
— You targeted us when no one was home (you need better reconnaissance)


I have included some visual instructions for you for next time. The RED shows where you need to target. Make sure to unroll some TP before tossing the roll high.

The YELLOW represents the attack formation. You need to have a game plan with each soldier who knows their assignment. Use hand signals and be stealth.

Also, you should have realized I don’t have a RING or any cameras, so visually you are fine…it’s the noise that will cause you problems. Use AirPods and FaceTime in a group chat to coordinate positions and attack timing.

If you fail to plan, plan on failing.

This continues to be SHODDY WORK! BUT, I appreciate you continuing to improve. Keep up the good work.

Soon you will get as good as my generation. We would have been embarrassed to leave such a clean mess. More TP. More people. More coordination. BURY THE HOUSE IN TP!

Ask your parents…we took pride in EPIC TP battles…

I have hope for your generation…just listen more to your parents…we’ve been where you want to go!

Now I am off to coordinate the cleanup…THANK YOU for continuing to bring JOY into the world.

Keep going. Don’t quit. You can do this! I believe in you. ❤️🔥🙏

I love this dad’s attitude, and so did a LOT of other people. The post went viral on Facebook, with 81,000 people sharing it. The original post can be on Jason’s Facebook page here. This story was shared with permission.

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