5 Hilarious Video Clips About Married Life That Are SO Relatable

These video clips had me rolling…each one is so funny and relatable. If there’s one thing I’ve learned being married for 25 years, it’s that a sense of humor is a must in a marriage.

I mean, if we have to put up with our spouse’s quirks on a daily basis, we should at least get to make fun of each other when the opportunity arises, right?

And these husbands and wives that I’m sharing here with you all have a sense of humor in spades…watch and relate!

***Note: if the sound is not on, tap the speaker icon at the bottom of each video

#1 Hey, that’s what I’m making for dinner too!
#2 LOL – the roof!
#3 Exactly…

Viral on Instagram… This video is being featured on the TODAY SHOW😂🙌🏻 #FriendsReunion #funnycouples #fypシ #relationshiphumor #marriage

♬ original sound – Brandi Raines
#4 Hmm…this looks VERY familiar!
#5 The Leighton Show is hilarious…
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