Best Friends: 4 Funny and Sweet Videos of Babies and Their Loyal Dogs

Cute little babies! Cute little doggos! What’s not to love? I had a dog only very briefly during my childhood, but vowed that my children would grow up with dogs, and I have kept that promise…our home has never been without at least one dog.

These videos show the intelligence, intuition, protection, and unconditional love dogs have for their tiny people…enjoy!

#1 Is there a better sound than a baby just giggling and giggling? I could listen to that all day. Also, the dog in this video looks just like my Labrador, so I love this even more!
#2 Talk about protective! This pup won’t even let mom touch the baby LOL…
#3 Who needs a babysitter? This pup is completely focused on keeping his little human safe…
#4 The paw at the end kills me…so gentle and sweet. And the look on the pup’s face says it all…check them out on TikTok for more cute videos!

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