A Puzzling Situation – Part 2

For those of you who are new around here, let me catch you up. In August, I LOST MY MIND COMPLETELY and bought a 6000 piece puzzle. SIX THOUSAND ITTY BITTY PIECES, currently the bane of my existence, that cover the entire dining table in our home. The ONLY dining table in our home.

Yes, that’s right folks, my entire family has been eating dinner standing up huddled around a kitchen island for over two months now. Let me tell you…my mother would NOT approve. Amazingly, these people have not complained. I guess they don’t care WHERE they eat, as long as they’re fed, which is nice to know. But seriously, this madness has to stop.

By just glancing at the puzzle, one would think, “Hey, she’s almost done!” And oh how I wish that were the case. You see, my oldest child (a.k.a. the “Puzzle Master”) was living at home for the first several weeks of this beast. For every ONE piece I put in, she put in TWENTY. Then she had the NERVE to go off to college, and I’ve been left floundering ever since.

The past few days, I’ve been at some sort of crazy puzzle stalemate. Like, I literally cannot seem to get ANY more pieces. I just sit there and stare at the thing until my eyes glaze over and I’m forced to eat another piece of Halloween candy to focus.

So I decided I needed reinforcements. I figured pure bribery with my other (puzzle-averse) younger children might work:

“Mom, can I have a grilled cheese sandwich?”

“Put in 5 puzzle pieces and I’ll make it for you.”

“Eh…I’ll just make it myself.”

Damn. Why did I teach her to cook at such a young age??

Guess I’m really on my own, folks. Please send some good puzzling vibes my way as Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and I’m drawing the line at all of us eating Thanksgiving dinner standing around a tiny island. You hear that, puzzle?? I AM DRAWING THE LINE. 😄