18 of the Funniest Tweets On Marriage and Parenting From Clint Edwards

If you aren’t already familiar with Clint Edwards, the creator of “No Idea What I’m Doing: A Daddy Blog”, you’re in for a treat!

Clint is one of my favorite writers on social media – his content is funny, heartwarming, and always honest and relatable.

A successful author of four books on marriage and parenting, he’s also just a genuinely nice guy. He is always quick to lend a hand when certain middle-aged mom bloggers (who shall remain nameless) need a hand figuring out social media stuff.

Ok, fine. It’s me. I’m talking about me. 😳

Clint has so many great tweets it was hard to choose which ones to share with you, but here are some of my favorites…enjoy!

#1 Busted! Better find a new hiding spot stat…
#2 Nothing like kids to make us feel oh so old…
#3 I’d be scared too…
#4 I remember those days. Now I have teenagers and at least those people know how to SLEEP!
#5 Sounds about right!
#6 But seriously…why???
#7 Aww, not even extra gummy bears can sway loyalty against mom…
#8 Oh, to be 38 again!
#9 My husband aspires to this moment…hasn’t happened yet!
#10 LOL!
#11 This cracked me up – “like I toll a bell” LOL!
#12 It’s funny because it’s true…
#13 Some good life advice right there!
#14 I can picture this scene…love it!
#15 If only we all had the confidence of a 4 year old!
#16 A “new” way to pay people LOL…
#17 Every parents needs that kind of support…
#18 Hey Clint, can you have your wife call me? I’d really like to know what she said…my living room needs cleaning too!

In addition to Twitter, you can find Clint on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/anecdotesrantsandoccasionalessaysclintedwards or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/noideadaddyblog/.

And if you need a great Father’ Day gift, check out Clint’s book “Father-ish”. I read it last year and absolutely loved it!

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