Boy Reunites With Lost Dog in Heartwarming Viral Video Making Everyone Cry Happy Tears

Grab a tissue, my friends, you’re going to need it!

After I came across this video of a tearful reunion between a boy and his lost dog, I found three more equally heartwarming videos to share with you.

From a little girl seeing clearly for the first time, to a mother-son reunion, each of these videos brought tears to my eyes.

There can be a lot of negativity on social media, but there is so much good out there as well – people sharing beautiful stories with strangers all over the world.

I hope these videos add some warm and fuzzy feelings to your day!


#1 This made me so happy…there are few things more pure than the love between a child and their dog. With over 13 million views on this video, I think a lot of people would agree! (Original video posted on Facebook by April Elizabeth Licata)
#2 Oh, my heart. The pure joy and wonder on beautiful Riley’s face brought me to tears. It’s no surprise this video has been viewed over 15 million times!
#3 A life-changing moment for this little guy and his family…
#4 His face when he realizes who it is is just priceless. Thank you to Sgt. Jen Sabrowsky and to all who serve and sacrifice for our country.

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