Amazing 7-Year-Old, Who Happens To Be Blind, Charms The World With Her Piano Skills

Seven-year-old İpek Nisa Göker, is having a moment. As well she should. The talented pianist is blind and plays entirely by ear. She even composes her own music.

Here she is playing ‘Mariage d’Amour’ aka ‘Chopin’s Spring Waltz’ by french composer Paul de Senneville. I just love watching her little fingers fly effortlessly over the keys. Make sure you watch until the end, as that’s when she really gets going!

And here’s another beautiful piece…I put the post text into a translator and this is what it said: This new composition is called “Mr. Loran”. Mr. Loran was a 7-year-old boy who dreamed of hovering in the sky holding on to the wings of birds. I wonder if this is her original piece? If so, that is incredible!

I still can’t believe she is only SEVEN years old. When I was seven I was still putting my shoes on backwards LOL. Looking forward to hearing more from this talented girl in the years to come!

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