11 Heartwarming Posts That Prove Just How Awesome Teens Can Be

It’s no secret that teenagers get a bad rap a lot of the time. All too often on social media I see negative comments that start with “Kids these days…”.

But as someone who currently has teenagers, and who has also worked with teenagers, I know for a fact that there are tons of incredible teens out there. And I’m telling you, “kids these days” are enduring a LOT right now, from life in a pandemic to social media – things previous generations have never had to navigate.

I’ve rounded up some posts about teens showing kindness, compassion and ingenuity because I think it’s important to share GOOD news, since all too often we only hear the bad.

Hope these all bring a smile to your face!

#1 A teenage boy buying a Valentine’s Day card for his grandma? Well, if that isn’t the sweetest thing ever…
#2 That’s a good son right there…loves his mama and doesn’t care who knows it!
#3 How kind is that???
#4 I’m sure he is SO proud – you go, kiddo! Change the world.
#5 Amazing! She has a bright future ahead.
#6 What a thoughtful gesture on the part of these teen boys…
#7 This teenage girl showed kindness and compassion…
America’s Best Pics
#8 Sportsmanship at its best…
#9 Love this story…
#10 Beautiful…brought tears to my eyes!
#11 A 13-year-old girl named Sydney Hertzberg won a national essay contest and donated her ENTIRE $50,000 winnings to the Ferndale Cat Shelter where she volunteers…amazing!

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